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Introducing BigBoy VR!

We provide virtual reality entertainment at the location of your choice. Indoor or outdoor. We can handle it. 

Multiplayer VR games are our specialty. In a 20x20ft space you can have up to 3 VR stations to battle with or against your friends.


We feature the HTC Vive Pro w/wireless adapters

Room-scale precision tracking coupled with wireless adapters will make your VR experience even memorable. You no longer need to worry about tripping over the tethered cable to the pc. The vibrant screen colors, incredibly high contrast and realistic sounds remain the same. VIVE Pro is engineered for professional-grade VR.

We also have the Oculus Rift to accommodate games and experiences that are exclusive to Oculus. 

Not just VR either. We have motion simulators for racing and flight. Feel the rumble and movement of a high performance race car or control the yolk of airplane or jet fighter.

Our PC’s are custom built with the latest Intel I7 processors and Nvidia GTX 1080 ti or RTX 2080 ti graphics cards.