About Us

We are a new and unique provider of on-site virtual reality (VR) event services. Our specialty is multi-player virtual reality sessions. We can accommodate any type of event planned. We supply all the VR gear and maintain it during your event. Our VR units for room scale play have wireless adapters to eliminate the tethered cord to the pc. This adds to the level of immersion which enhances the experience. We catalog a wide selection of games and visual experiences to satisfy your guests entertainment tastes. How would you like to drive a Formula 1 or GT racing car and actually feel the rumble and movement that the driver would feel? Maybe you would prefer to go on an ISS mission and walk along the space station. How about immersing yourself in the apocalypse and battle your way through horde of zombies? These options and more are included with our service. All of our equipment and software are commercially licensed. We custom build all our computers with the latest Intel processors and Nvidia GTX 1080tiĀ  or RTX 2080ti graphics cards.